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Let’s Do Something Big

The American story is full of individuals who have left a meaningful impact on our experience and our lives. Today, we enjoy the benefits of life-saving medicines, inventions, art and architecture that were the result of someone’s hard work, study, trial and error. But these individuals didn’t operate in a vacuum. They too were influenced and inspired. They counted on the work of others then present and also many before them who helped to pave the way for their expression.

You may think that your own life’s work will never leave anything so grand as to deserve a page in America’s history. After all, invention is generally the work of genius, right? And art — well, it’s for those who have a God-given talent. But to think that is to overlook the “power of one.”

The Power of One

It takes only one smile to change a mind, one story to build momentum, one letter of encouragement to renew desire. One chance is many times all that we need. One door opened is enough. One vote, one penny, one grain of truth: most often that all it takes.

You, my friend, hold this power. It doesn’t depend on your talent or good looks or your riches. It doesn’t depend on your brain or your position. It depends only on you and your individual decision. A smile costs you nothing, nor does a word of encouragement or your participation on a team. You hold the power in your hands to make a difference. And it is that power, when joined with others of like mind, that can move mountains. Let’s Do Something Big (LDSB) is an effort to bring about change with the collective power of one.

How Does It Work

Let’s Do Something Big is a project-based, support-building effort to foster positive improvement of America’s landscape. Imagine the mountains we could move with the collective power of one. Just think of what can we do if we find common ground and a common interest.

Miller’s Goal

Levi Hill at work

Levi Hill – Creator Of Let’s Do Something Big

The goal of this particular project — the Miller — is to locate 100,000 pins on Miller’s map: that’s 100,000 people in cities across the nation that, by their book purchase, are voting to see a dream become a reality. The net proceeds of the book’s sales is contributed to the Miller Project on behalf of the Let’s Do Something Big Team, and you or your child will hold a permanent place in the Miller Theater as one of the team members responsible for bringing the Miller back to life. And because you’re a team member, you will be interested and inspired to watch the progress, read the blog and see the photographs. After all, since you’re on the team, you’ll be proud of playing a part.

Join the team today. Buy “Miller’s Opening Night” and help a Dream become a Reality.

— Levi Hill