September 13, 2015 levi

Miller’s Opening Night Hits the Classroom

One of the enduring joys of a parent, a grandparent or a teacher is the delight in seeing a smile appear on a child’s face. It makes you feel like the world is gonna be okay — that there’s still hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Take a look at this good lookin’ group of South Carolina first-graders who’ve just finished a classroom reading of “Miller’s Opening Night.” Under the good instruction of my friend Miss Blythe Reynolds, this handsome collection of children just heard the tale of the young mouse, Miller, and his family who live in an old, abandoned theater in Augusta, Georgia. These students heard of the encouragement of Miller’s father, Frank, and also of the resulting hope that Miller then possessed, knowing that one day he would become a star and bring that old theater back to life.

First Grade with Miss Reynolds

First Grade with Miss Reynolds


All around nice guy.